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It’s evolutions are Incarnon Form, Rapid Wraith, Lethal Rearmament, Elemental Excess, and Devouring Attrition. Attrition adds a 50% chance of dealing 2000% damage on non-critical hits. What a scary gun! Below are two useful builds centered around Laetum, the strongest secondary weapon in Warframe. Low-Status Build. Mods: …Full Status Viral/Heat Phenmor Build. Evolution II: Void's Guidance: +50% accuracy and -50% recoiil. Evolution III: Ready Retaliation: +100% reload speed for 6sec when reload from empty. Evolution IV: Elemental Excess: +20% status chance and -10% critical chance. Evolution V: Devouring Attrition: 50% chance to deal 2000% damage on non critical ...Advertisement The previous program is good, but it would be better if it read in the values 5 and 7 from the user instead of using constants. Try this program instead: Here's how t...Arguably, the best Arcane to use on weapons that already pack a punch and are easy to get precision headshot kills with in Warframe. The first thing that comes to mind would be something like the Laetum Incarnon pistol with the 5th evolution trait Devouring Attrition.Comboing 1-2 skill is very hard in warframe if the standard of normal gameplay is to get a gauss or volt and just nuke the whole room with a bramma or envoy. It is the same reason why ember world of fire got nerf in the past. ... (not counting the superior devouring attrition laetum build, which doesn't require a lot od crit tbh) Reply replyBug Reports. General. Laetum Overwhelming attrition as client bugged. Overwhelming attrition gives 400% damage per stack (up to 3) on non-crit nor status HIT I was playing around with a critical + status hybrid (~80 crit chance, ~50% status chance) and mathematically it should be 10% chance to procc Overwhelming Attrition.The Laetum is my go-to. Evolve for Devouring Attrition because it ignores Damage Attenuation, throw anything except Crit mods on it (mine even has two mods that do nothing to help with fighting Archons) and watch it eat their HP extremely quickly. Use a weapon buff ability like Xata's Whisper to double-dip Devouring Attrition and get insane damage so that everything else dies in one shot ...If you equip Cascadia Empowered on this Lato, shooting an enemy will deal 20 damage and proc slash. Because you procced slash, you also deal an additional 750 slash damage due to Cascadia Empowered. It will not additionally proc slash. it is flat damage matching the damage type of the status proc.WARFRAME WEAPON Pistol ×. Archgun MELEE PRIMARY Pistol SENTINEL WEAPON Laetum; Laetum Devouring Attrition Xatas. by SenorPositivity — last updated . 2 years ago. 14 6 0. During parades and victory marches, the Laetum fired pigmented airburst rounds that rained onto festive crowds. The Orokin sent Laetum with the Zariman so they could ...Epitaph Hemorrhage Build. by Randy_Bobandy — last updated 3 years ago (Patch 30.1) 8 6 137,020. Sevagoth's wrist-mounted sidearm fires a chilling slow-moving slab, guaranteed to slow enemies for easier marksmanship. Charge the shot to fire a punishing high-velocity, high critical chance slab that punches through barriers.Besides the Rubico, Zenith, and Nataruk. Laetum, does rad damage, vombalysts are pure heads for charging, devouring attrition works on eidolons i think. Use with eclipse. Phenmor also works IIRC. This is what i used with revenant for ages to solo eidolon hunt. Skana.Evolution IV - Elemental Excess - +20% status chance, -10% critical chance. This drops the final crit chance to 10% to synergize with Devouring Attrition and makes the final status chance approximately 70%. Evolution V - Devouring Attrition - 50% chance to deal 2000% damage on non-critical hits.Perk 1: Devouring Attrition: 50% chance to deal +2000% damage on non-critical hits And then we may use for Evolution 4 Perk 2: Incarnon Efficiency: Headshots Build +50% more incarnation Transmutation charge. (instead of +20% status and -10% crit chance).Learn how to use Devouring Attrition, a powerful perk that deals 2000% damage on non-critical hits, with Laetum, a semi-automatic pistol. This build reduces crit chance, increases fire rate, status chance and headshot damage, and uses Deadhead arcane and Xata's Whisper.Phenmor builds. Builds by GaussHog. Evolutions. 1 - Swift Deliverance - Projectile Speed is underrated, get your bullets to the enemy faster, run what you want here. 2 - Retribution's Vessel - It appears Magazine size effects how long the weapon stays evolved, this is a nice multiplier. 3 - Incarnon Efficiency - Nice to evolve quickly, run ...Sep 14, 2022 · With the current Evolution Devouring/Devastating Attrition, Incarnon Weapons can deal 2000% damage on non crits, which wouldn't be so powerful if it wasn't Multiplicative to base Damage bonuses(as per the wiki) With the recent buffs to Headshot Damage (was 2x Damage now 3x), this now makes Devouring Attrition even more absurd.The Devouring Void | Raw Non-crit Laetum (One-shot Steel Path) by ninjase — last updated 13 days ago (Patch 35.5) 14 7 175,880. During parades and victory marches, the Laetum fired pigmented airburst rounds that rained onto festive crowds. The Orokin sent Laetum with the Zariman so they could properly celebrate a successful maiden voyage to Tau.Evolution 5: Devouring Attrition. 2000% damage at a 50% chance on NON-critical hits Amalgam Serration, the sprint boost alongside damage boost is always useful Galvanized Chamber Galvanized Aptitude Infected Clip, Primed Cryo Rounds, Rime Rounds and Hellfire with the first three sequenced first to give you Viral + Heat Speed TriggerPosted December 24, 2019. without Toxic Lash active, you might spread Spores 'accidentally' via hitting the actual Spores, but Toxic Lash active means any hit on the Enemy from your Weapons will spread them. this will also mean that all of the Spores can be quickly spread around, rather than needing numerous direct hits to Spores.Multishot, elemental, fire rate with - crit rate if you're going for non crit build. Multishot crit damage, elemental - harmless negative if you're going for hybrid. Reply. Award. Share. ShaeTsu. • 2 yr. ago. The most important stat to roll is negative crit chance. Reply.s 3 allows her to take full advantage of all four elemental status archon mods. [Archon Continuity] and [Archon Vitality] add a corrosive proc and a second heat proc, respectively, while [Archon Flow] and [Archon Stretch] keep virtually unlimited orbs coming for spamming her 1 and 4.Replacing her 2 with Gloom, along with constant knockdowns from Arcane Eruption, are more than enough for crowd ...Devastating Attrition Felarx | 5 Forma Huge Damage. by Wandering_Rei — last updated a year ago (Patch 32.2) 14 5 175,880. The Felarx invokes ancient times when aristocrats …In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to read can be a challenge. Many people struggle to finish a single book, let alone devour a whole library. However, with the advent of te...Jun 10, 2023 ... Hi all! Today we take a look at the Evolving Incarnon Weapons available from Cavalero on the Zariman ship. Incarnon weapons can evolve and ...Shadowdrake082. •. Devouring attrition multiplies the end result damage by 20x on that 50% non crit roll. Any extra damage, elemental or base, will be multiplied at the end. Personally it is up to you, but once you get your acolyte arcane maxed out or near maxed out, you wouldnt have a need for hornet strike at all.Cascadia empowered procs both attrition evolutions. Devouring Attrition (50% on non-crit to deal +2000% bonus damage) Overwhelming Attrition (stacks +400% (up to +1,200%) base damage on non-crit non-status hits for 20s) For Devouring attrition, the flat 750 damage from cascadia empower will be increased by 2000% on 50% of all hits.Fixed the damage increase from Xata's Whisper unintentionally applying twice on the Phenmor and Laetum's Devouring Attrition perk and the Felarx's Devastating Attrition perk. ... Health orbs get stuck following your warframe and the sound of collecting the orbs just plays on repeat which honestly makes me go insane. I have adjusted all my ...Mitig8r. • 1 yr. ago. fully modded up my Stalker set to make the most of the Incarnon adapters; still rolling my Burston and Zylok rivens, but I've still got Soma, Strun, Kulstar, Lex, Furax, and Magistar all riven'd up.Felarx (Devastating Attrition) The Felarx invokes ancient times when aristocrats hunted game. For ceremonies, Orokin elites bred creatures reminiscent of game birds to reanimate cultural myths. They gave the Zariman crew Felarx and a brace of birds as a sign of acceptance into elite society. The brace of birds becomes a pair of pistols at the ...Attrition gives you a 50% chance for 2000% damage on non-critical hits. The laetum has a 22% crit chance. That means that instead of a 50% chance to do 20x damage you have a 22% chance to do 2.2x damage, and if that fails then a 39% chance to do 20x damage, and if that fails then a 39% chance to do 1x damage.Short answer: only situationally. Long answer: Devouring Attrition functions like a crit mod, except for headshot-specific mechanics. The 2000% damage is multiplicative, so if you get your crit chance to 0%, it's like having a 50% crit chance and a 20x crit multiplier. This means all of your base damage and elemental mods amplify the effect of DA.Felarx (Devastating Attrition) The Felarx invokes ancient times when aristocrats hunted game. For ceremonies, Orokin elites bred creatures reminiscent of game birds to reanimate cultural myths. They gave the Zariman crew Felarx and a brace of birds as a sign of acceptance into elite society. The brace of birds becomes a pair of pistols at the ...The description of two of its buffs are as follows: Devouring Attrition: 50% chance to deal 2000% damage on non-critical hits. Overwhelming Attrition: On Hit that is neither Critical nor applies a Status Effect: +400% damage for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. One of those is a multiplier to base damage.I'd make sure you have all calculations set up properly. Cases of: faction mods, additive vs multiplicative damage, DoTs especially as they do more than raw damage, additive cc vs flat cc, roar triple dipping acid shells with saryn, bullet attractor (either mag's bubble or void status) and devouring attrition double dipping, damage resistances immunities and weaknesses for enemy types ...TL,DR: Use Devouring Attrition if you can't aim at heads (67.6x multiplier vs 54x multiplier) or want to run Xata's Whisper (approx 600x vs 54x on bodyshots and approx 10,000x vs 400x on headshots) Use Overwhelming Attrition if you can aim at heads for up to 3x higher damage (398x multiplier vs 135x multiplier on headshots and 72x multiplier vs ...Heck, going for Devouring Attrition makes the weapon strong as all get-out even without any mods equipped. All the above applies to the other two ranged Incarnon weapons as well, though not quite to the same degree since neither's Incarnon mode is quite as impressive from the jump (or rather they don't dovetail as nicely with the current "cover ...Mature shrubs often have branches that are too thick to cut — but RYOBI's hedge trimmer gets the job done. Watch Jodi's review! Expert Advice On Improving Your Home Videos Latest V...Devouring is (with Laetum's base crit chance) worth 7.8x more damage on average because of the 22% crit chance, getting closer to 10x more if you reduce that crit chance. Overwhelming (with only a weapon arcane for base damage) gives roughly 3.6x more damage, but can still scale with crits because you only need to not crit every now and then.Evolution IV Wracking Wrath: +20% status chance, -10% crit chance. Improves chances of Devastating Attrition proc Devastating Attrition: 50% chance to deal 2000% damage on non-crits. Presumable similar to Devouring Attrition, being multiplicative to base dmg sources.Persistent Attrition Decree Test. I was curious on whether there was a cap to this one. It seemed too good to be true. As a refresher, this is what it does; Each shot makes the target 10% more vulnerable. I got lucky and got it as an option on my first decree in the cave. One of the weapon choices was baza p so I jumped out and made a config ...However it doesn't count all damage increases notably faction damage (roar), multishot (shotguns), crit stats, and the incarnons evo 5 devouring attrition. The second type is a active one that sees the dps your doing and applies a second set of DR bases on how your doing damage, this is why the archon feels like it takes nothing after a few ...It’s not that it’s not working, you just cannot gain charges for laetum while xata’s is ongoing: It no longer double dips in incarnon mode. It still does in normal mode. By double dip i mean 21x21 on the xata damage instance. It still applies …In general you want to scale with crit, multishot, elemental damage, %dmg, fire rate/aspeed and maybe do some status on top of that. If weapon has above average stats in cc/cd it is worth building for that (15/x2 are "average" crit stats), if has above average status it worth investing in that. Hybrids builds are usually either viral+bleed ...Used Evolved Autoloader to deal with ammo issue, built to be used with Devouring Attrition. Evolutions: Attuned Accuracy Evolved Autoloader Racking Wrath Devouring Attrition. Bonus Damage: Using Xata's Whisper, the void damage will double dip into Devouring Attrition leading to massive damage. Easily shredding steel path corrupt …Headshot seeking abilities (xata's whisper and mag's bubble) will make the perk of devouring attrition square, 441x damage. -combo dur on baruuk (melee guidance), getting combo on melee, and then switching to desert wind will give a nice 2-5 minute 12x combo. Works with other frames that have exalted melee as well.Primed Sure Footed. +100% Chance to Resist Knockdown. ★★★★★★★★★★. Arcane Energize. Arcane Aegis. Saryn Prime Helminth Build - 4 Forma Saryn Prime build by Randy_Bobandy - Updated for Warframe 30.5.Perk 1: Devouring Attrition: 50% chance to deal +2000% damage on non-critical hits Affects both modes ... The Felarx with a status/pure damage hybrid build holds up well in non-endless steel path, unaided by warframe abilities, and it looks and feels great to use. Put primary deadhead on it to one-shot headshot, get the mutation that refills ......

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Based on's listings, generally you'd be looking at a mix of: Multishot Status chance ......

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Xata's Whisper = use for Incarnon weapons with the Devouring Attrition evolution as it double-d...

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Reducing crit chance increases the likelihood of Devouring Attrition boosted shots. Evolution V - Devouring Attritio...

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EVOLUTION 4; ELEMENTAL EXCESS - We're gonna be running Devouring Attrition as our fifth Evo. so the less crits the better, plus more...

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Fixed the damage increase from Xata's Whisper unintentionally applying twice on the Phenmor and Laetum's Devouring Attrit...

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